About our School

School Handbook:
The school handbook provides key information about our school and can be downloaded by visiting our documents page. If you have difficulty accessing this please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a copy.

Vision, Values, Smarts
Read on to find out more or you might like to look at a sample of the leaflets which have been made by some of the pupils in Primary 6. You can find them on the documents section of our website.

Our Vision:
Our vision is
Success for All of Us because we want everyone, teachers, adults and children to be successful.

Our Values: H.E.A.R.T
Our values spell out the word HEART and are listed below. These values will help to make sure that we are all successful.

  • H – Happiness
    • H is for happiness. It is important that we make sure that Glenlivet School is a happy place to play, work and learn. 
  • E - Education 
    • E is for education. Everyone has the right to an education and we must work as hard as we can to learn as much as we can and achieve our very best. 
  • A – Achievement 
    • A is for achievement. It is important that we celebrate everyone’s achievements which makes us want to achieve even more. It makes everyone feel proud about their work. 
  • R – Responsibilities
    • R is for responsibilities. It is important that everyone who is part of the school is very responsible. This will mean that we are always very Self and People Smart (these are explained below). We need to be responsible to be successful.
  • T- Trust 
    • T is for trust. It is important that we trust and help each other. ‘This will help us to work together as a team and be successful.
At Glenlivet Primary we have nine different Smarts which are based on Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences. He thought that everybody could be intelligent in different ways. We try to be Smart in lots of different areas.